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What is Options Trading: Earn a Living Trading Options – Video 3 Part 1



Welcome to the art and science of trading as a business.

First, I want to talk toyou specifically about the program itself, what it hopes to achieve,and what the objective of the program is.

The objective of the program for the first part is the money-every-month program, is to generate just what it says: money every month. We want to generate a consistent income on a monthly basis in our trades so that,just like any other business, we want to generate recurring, consistent monthly income.

Does that mean we’re going to be profitable every month? Maybe not, maybewe will.

The important point to think about is that we really want to have a monthly income stream. In order to generate a monthly income stream,we’re going to be using options as our primary trading vehicle.

Now every business manages their business based on numbers and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in ours. This is a real business. It’s a business in which you are buying and selling. Any business that buys and sells things,it doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a bakery. It could be an auto repair shop. It could be a part store. It could be a gift shop. You have to buy your stock from some place and then you sell it to a customer. Well, the very same thing happens in the market. You’re buying and you’re selling.

Let me give you an example of how we actually try to make our money in the markets as a business. All we’re doing is really meeting supply and demand. Let’s take for example a stock such asActivision, which we have on our screen right now. The symbol is ATVI. It’s currently trading at $27.23,down 27 cents today.

Now for the most part,you have people in the market who believe that ATVI stock is going to go up. You have other people who believe the stock is going to go down and that’s what makes a market. If we take a look at the options on this particular stock, we have what’s called “call options” and we have “puts”. Calls are those options that people purchase if they think the stock is going to go up. People buy puts on the stock if they believe the stock is going down.

So let’s say you think that the stock is going to go up. So youpurchase this call option on the May options for Activisionand you get it at 40 cents, almost in the middle of the bid and ask price. Well at 40 cents this option actually has no real value because the current price of the stock is $27.23. So not only do you have to be accurate as to your timing because the stock would have to move quickly in order for you to make money, but you also have to be accurate as far as direction goes. The stock has to move up in order for you to make money.

Ifyou were to purchase a put option, let’s say you got it for 70 cents. Not only would you have to be correctas to the direction of the stock as it would have to move down in order for you to make money,but your timing would also have to be correct. It would have to move down relatively soon in order for you to make money because there are only two absolute rulesof the option markets.

Those two absolute rules are: Number 1: prices will fluctuate. Yes, the underlying price of the stock will fluctuate and the individual option prices will fluctuate. Number 2: these contracts will expire. Any option contract that you buy on any stock will expire at a certain date in the future.

If we were to purchase these Mayoptions,the options that we’re looking at right now, they will expire and we have the expiration date right here. They will expire in 24 days. Normally the optionsexpire on equity and index options the third Friday of each month. That is the last trading day for those options. They actually expire the very next day on a Saturday.

You can also pick the expiration dates that you’re interested in purchasing. For example, if youthought there was an imminent move in Activision, you could purchase this option for 40 cents today at $27.50. If the stock did move up beyond the $27.50, you would actually start making money.

But what happens if the stock doesn’t move? Well if the stock doesn’t move, slowly, day by day,this option that you purchased, if the stock doesn’t move, will slowly erodein value. Why?

The reason is that you have the right as a call buyer to purchase the stock at the strike price that you purchased,in this case $27.50, at any time before the third Friday of May. As we get closer to the third Friday of May,the chances of that stock moving up beyond this strike price of $27.50 becomes less and less certain and because of that the option has less value to it.


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